PYE 36G (1950)
A.C.  /MW and 4xSW very selective Bands - Wood Cabinet

This set was bought to an antique storeman. It had 6 repairs to do: the burned volume pot, 2 resistors off and 3 capacitors with leakage . The volume button is melted. I 'm looking for one but I have done one with sintectic materials.
The cabinet was in bad conditions . Now every thing is OK only IF oscillation must be eliminated at the IF peak tuning.
I'm using schematic sent by Mike Daly and Norm Leal of the Pye 19A type to look for this oscillation. Don Black recommended some ideas to solve this and I'm trying to locate it. I sent this schematic to a friend Daniel Silva also to recover a PYE 36G like this. I hope it helps.
I got all this information through The Antique Radio Forum .

Valves :   AZ31 ( Rectifier) ;   ECH35 ( mixer ) ;  EF39 ( if amp ) ; EBC33 ( if amp + rectifier) ;  EL33 (output ).

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