PHILIPS    B4X56T   (1964 )

 D.C. /MW and three SW Band - Plastic Cabinet

This radio was offered to me by a friend which is collector of old objects .
It was working very noisy and in bad conditions of cleanness ..Tons of dust ! What a magic WD40 .
It is nice to see the transition between the tube radio B3LN96 and this one with same cabinet type and chassis. Only, instead of tubes it uses transistors . The AF117 and 116 are for RF stages , for audio amplifier two OC72 !
These OC72 were the first transistors I boughtin 1964 just with the OC44 for my first experimental MW transmitter .
A nice technology at that time ! No printed boards were used ... I like this radio, because it shows a time change in technology

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