PHILIPS B3LN96   (1960)

A.C. /MW and 3xSW Bands - Plastic Cabinet

This set was offered by my cousin . It didn't work, because there was no local oscillation .
This tube set introduced the ferrite antenna, giving a very good gain on MW signals and, when we put one external aerial, the urban noise of TV/s and UPS regulators is improved. So, no antenna is needed in urban areas to listen to the MW band.
With this radio model, in 1965 I listened the Beatles, the Doors and Tom Jones on Radio Caroline broadcastings in the midnight propagation ; just here in Portugal.
In this model there is a tube evolution, with the introduction of small type tubes for 6,3 V filament and a plastic cabinet instead of bakelite.
Valves :  EZ80 (mains rectifier) ;  ECH81  ( mixer ) ;  EF89 ( if ampl. ) ; EBC81 ( if ampl. + rectifier) ;  EL84 (output ) ; DM71 Magic eye.

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